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Babysitters.net Review

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Babysitter.net acts as an information site on babysitting issues, with a fairly substantial amount of information on relevant topics, for families and babysitters alike. You can read a long list of blog posts on anything from “tricks for getting kids to eat healthily” to “how to disinfect tub toys”. The FAQ is quite short, with some good advice on finding sitters and preparing for them to come to your home, although it’s a little too specific and could provide a search tool. However, there is much information available from  BabySitters.net’s home page, where a series of guides can offer help on specific issues including “babysitters going rates” and “babysitting deaf kids”, among many other topics.

So what else is there besides information? Well, nothing. Okay this isn’t strictly true, but as soon as you want to search for a sitter you are redirected to nannypro.com. Check out our review of NannyPro.com for more information on that site. For now it’s worth mentioning that nannypro is more than an information source and allows you to look through sitter profiles, perform in depth searches and contact sitters about jobs. Some of our star ratings are therefore based on a merge of the two sites because while Babysitters.net provides a lot of information to sitters and families, it doesn’t appear to have its own resource of members. In particular this is why navigation is a problem: you will constantly find yourself being redirected from the site if you want to do anything other than read about babysitting.  

Certification is something that Babysitters.net seems to take quite seriously. It requires that all of its sitters pass a certification test to ensure they are appropriate for the job. They also offer a certification course, which is a good way to gain yourself exposure and some extra knowledge on childcare, if you’re a babysitter.

Babysitter.net is essentially a resource which provides information on how to best look after children and how to best find a suitable sitter. It includes a feast of articles and blog posts which offer good advice, but its frequent tendency to redirect you to another site becomes irksome. The combination of the two sites’ expertise is quite a useful one and if you are a babysitter you might find yourself returning to babysitters.net several times for some advice or to provide advice to others. Ultimately though it is not a good site for finding childcare when taken on its own, you do need to go elsewhere to be able to search through profiles or place job adverts.

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