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Go Nannies Review

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GoNannies does much more than the name suggests. You can find a nanny to help take care of your children, find senior carers, get help with housekeeping, find a personal assistant, a chef and more! The number of services on offer is grand but how does the site stand up in other areas against similar sites in its field?

“Very well!” is the answer. As well as offering a range of care services GoNannies.com also offers a number of extra provisions which help with the legal ins and outs of becoming an employer, and assist in assuring that the person you hire is suitable for the job. The key extra service, for which you pay a fee, is the provision of various checks. These include a criminal record check, a driving record check, education checks, reference checks and the ability to check any professional certification as a carer. If these are important to you then paying for several checks can soon add up to quite a large bill, but the site does offer packages for several checks to be performed at a discounted rate.

Gonannies.com is pretty sure they’ll do a good job, offering a “Double Guarantee”. Essentially this guarantee covers your registration fees and assures that you’ll find someone in 45 days of your membership starting. You’re doubly covered (thus the name, Double Guarantee) if you do hire someone but lose them within 45 days of your membership expiring. It’s a gesture really, but not one that many other sites offer.  

Searching on this site ranges from ‘very basic’ (just type in your zip code and that’s it!) to more advanced (including the position type, their distance from your location, age range, living arrangements, availability and more). The advanced search options cover all the most important information. Any further information can be kept for the interview, so goNannies.com does a pretty decent job at offering search parameters and does so in a simple ‘tick the box or select the drop down option’ way. Contact information is restricted for paying members, but you can get a good sense of the expectations and experiences of each candidate from the information on their profile, which is accessible to all members. Whilst we were relatively satisfied by the number of search results we got (around 80 in our area) a lot of the profiles didn’t contain a photograph and approximately half of them hadn’t been on to the site in the last 3-6 months. This doesn’t bode too well for choice but may perhaps be indicative of a high turnover, whereby nannies are quickly snapped up and hired. We can’t be sure, though, and it would be beneficial if the site took down profiles which had gone unused for over a month.  

There’s a lot to like about goNannies.com, most of all the range of services it offers. But membership numbers do seem to be lacking and it’s hard to tell whether or not your messages will simply be ignored because the nannies aren’t logging on enough to receive them and respond in time. We would recommend signing up and checking out how many nannies in your area are active on the site. In our opinion this site is comparatively low cost and it has a lot of potential but needs the membership numbers to be fully effective.

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