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Nanny Available Review

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If you’re looking for a babysitter or even someone who will run errands to help you in daily life then NannyAvailable.com is a free site which may help you to find someone for the job.

The great thing about this site is that it’s free to use! But you might want to hurry and sign up whilst this is still the case because the site clearly states that this is subject to change and that you may have to pay for the same service in the future.

Despite claiming that this is “American’s biggest and best database of care childcare providers, senior caregivers and housekeepers”, our searches found that the number of results offered was one of the lowest out there. This might be due to the fact that NannyAvailable offers a wide and varied service which allows you to find carers for a range of situations. The backlash of offering such an array of professionals is that there doesn’t appear to be a huge number of carers in the childcare section. Our search gave just 221 results within 100 miles of our location, compared to over 1000 on other sites.

Aside from disappointing numbers, some of the sitters’ profiles seem incomplete, with short personal statements and no photo. This isn’t too encouraging because when you’re looking for someone who is going to take care of your children you want to know as much about them as you can. A list of skills and jobs they will carry out is fine but you also need to know that their personality is going to work in your household, and this is where the personal statement becomes really important. That said, a number of the sitters have made a great effort to give you the necessary information so some profiles are better than others.

One of the interesting and extremely useful features of the site is a “Nanny Availability” calendar, which shows you when each sitter is free to do their job. This allows you to check when they are free and therefore not waste time in speaking to individuals who just aren’t available when you need them. You can also perform advanced searches, which is very useful if you have particular needs or desires.

The variety of services on offer with nannyavailable.com is impressive, as is its current free status. However, the number of available sitters it has is a bit disappointing and there’s little in the way of customer services. Joining and registration is also a little bit of a pain because you are required to include phone numbers and other personal information, even though you may only want to check out a few profiles and see what the “going rate” for sitters is. But hey, it’s free right now and it has a couple of features which make your searching experience a little less stressful. Well worth checking out!

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