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Nannies 4 Hire Review

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Nannies4Hire.com is a website that allows nannies to create profiles in the hope of matching them with a suitable family. As a nanny you can post your profile free of charge, if you’re a family then you can explore these profiles but will be required to pay a fee should you wish to post a job or contact a nanny.

If you’re looking for a nanny then free membership on Nannies4hire.com will show you some very basic information including the nanny’s name, gender, age and location. You can also see some background information regarding issues such as Nationality, weight and height. This can be useful because you can make a list of a few nannies in your area who you are interested in speaking with, without first having to pay for the privilege. Upgrading your account is quite expensive, with no option costing less than $99, and even that only lasts for 2 months. A lot of the cost seems to come from the fact that upgrading allows you to perform certain checks. For example, the Platinum package ($129.99 for 4 months) allows you to request a multi-state criminal history search, and the Premier 6 month package provides comprehensive background checks. If these aren’t services you feel you require then you’ll probably find a nanny site elsewhere on Number 1 Reviews which will find you a nanny at a lower registration cost.

One element of nannies4hire.com that we liked and feel could be adopted elsewhere on similar websites is that it removes profiles after 30 days of them being posted. This means that the profiles you see are likely to be very up to date and it also increases the likelihood of  finding a nanny who is available to work. However, there are very few features to speak of which are stand-out, and the lack of an FAQ means you sometimes have to hunt around the site to find the information you want.

The variety of sitting services provided on this site is dependent on the individual profiles or job adverts that have been placed. They are primarily for short or long term nanny positions but it might have been useful to have more specific subsections such as nannies who will tutor or nannies who will cook. That said, each profile does contain some basic information on whether a nanny can drive or swim, although some of that seems to be optional as it is absent on other profiles.

Overall Nannies4Hire is a fairly average site which is let down slightly by its high cost and low membership periods. There are quite a few up to date profiles and although not all of them are completed, most of them have a good amount of information to help you make a decision as to whether or not you’d like to pay for the site’s service and get in touch with a nanny. 

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