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Nanny Poppinz Review

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NannyPoppinz borrows its name from the famous English nanny of Mr and Mrs Banks and their children. Far from flights of fancy, this site offers a 20 year strong background in nanny services. “Created by Moms for Moms”, there’s a genuine feel of professionalism about this team of carers. But don’t worry, guys, even though the site is created “for moms” you can still use the services it has to offer!

The sheer range of nannying services here is quite impressive. Not only does nannypoppinz.com offer home services, it also offers afterschool care, corporate child care services and specialists in particular areas. If you’re after a nanny who is able to teach your children another language, or improve their maths before you get back from work, then you’re in luck. The site also informs you of agency locations so you can speak to organisers in person. Its nannies receive free CPR and first aid training, which is particularly useful if you’re concerned about your child’s safety (well, it’s a useful skill to have around in any circumstance!). The site contains a number of testimonials from satisfied customers and a portion of the site is dedicated to helpful tips on how to interview and screen nannies, as well as the potential benefits of hiring one.

If you decide not to hire a nanny using NannyPoppinz then there’s no charge. However, if you do decide to hire someone based on their referral then you are committed to paying a fee. How they go about proving you met them through the site, we’re not quite sure, but we assume that any initial contact message sent through their system means that  you are seen to employ them so then you must acknowledge their involvement. Still, this remains somewhat unclear and it’s hard to suggest how much they are likely to charge for the service. We do rather appreciate the “no charge unless you hire” method, though. The site also offers a 24/7 customer services helpline and you can drop in to its centres for face-to-face support.  

Nannypoppinz.com offers what appears to be a highly professional service which trains its staff in essential skills whilst making sure they have sufficient experience before taking them on. This is reassuring because it adds a sense of dedication to their employees, and that in turn shows they are dedicated to providing a great service. The site is perhaps a little less exciting than their reputation, with room for improvement regarding online content and information about their prices. It’s not “practically perfect in every way” but it’s certainly worth taking a closer look. 

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