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College Nannies Review

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CollegeNanniesAndTutors.com is a website that pretty much does what it says in the title: it provides a space for college graduates (or college students) with work in nannying and/or tutoring. The site is US-based and treats each state separately, which is useful because it means you’re able to search for work or to look for a nanny or tutor in a specific location. Customer services teams are also state-specific, meaning that if you have any questions or queries then they’re likely to better understand the specific culture and current events of your location. It might seem unnecessary to some but it’s certainly the case that families have different values and requirements all over the US so some sense of individual assistance can be a blessing.

Some of the customer support on this site is actually very good because you can access videos, a blog and email addresses for specific teams in specific areas. However, it is severely lacking an FAQ and a lot of the information we’d have liked to find was difficult to locate at times. A lack of information was also apparent when trying to actually find out about individuals we might want to hire. You cannot do this on the site, instead you have to email an enquiry. This makes the process quite a slow one in comparison to other sites of a similar nature. Costs are another elusive feature of this site and there is no suggestion anywhere as to how much the service costs and how much a tutor or nanny might be paid for their efforts. This makes it very difficult to discern whether or not the services on offer are going to be suitable for you, and yet again you need to send an email to find out more.

A great bonus of CollegeNanniesandTutors was the range of services on offer. Although this is not quite as extensive as some other sites, they are certainly a competitor, offering several nanny services and a variety of tutor services. We particularly like the way these have been organised; tutors, for example, can be selected based on study skills, exam preparation or simply extra help in a specific school subject. This shows some thought into the needs of the individual, rather than just suggesting that ‘any’ tutor could help in ‘any’ situation.

Collegenanniesandtutors.com offers a variety of services for a busy parent, helping them to support their child(ren) both socially and academically. However there needs to be more information freely available on the website to assist users in making a choice about whether or not to use the service. Email enquiries aren’t for everyone and they take up a lot more time than a basic FAQ would.

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