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Nanny Classifieds Review

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 If simplicity is “your kinda thing” then NannyClassifieds.com might be for you. The homepage encapsulates the general ethos of the site: load it up, type in your zip code and search the nanny jobs in that area. That’s all there is to it.

Okay, that’s not quite “all” there is. If you’re looking to hire someone to take care of your children you can also place an ad. This is just as simple, you click on “post a nanny job”, type in a few contact details and your ad, and that’s it! After you’ve done this anyone who is looking for child care work can search for adverts, find yours and contact you.

It’s a simple system then, but is it any good? Well, it has potential. If you happen to be looking for a nanny and post an ad, you might have someone contact you. But what if you don’t hear anything? What then? Well, apparently, you just sit and wait (or write another advert). The problem is that Nannyclassifieds.com removes any power from the family searching for care. If someone contacts you then it works, if they don’t then it doesn’t. It would surely make sense to allow a reverse system whereby the people looking for child care work can post an advert and the family can respond to it, surely?!

What else is there to do on NannyClassifieds whilst you wait for a response to your advert? Nothing, pretty much. You can read the Nanny Blog, which is seemingly updated about once per month. You can follow NannyLady on twitter, where she posts pretty random comments about things in the news. Not very useful, really.

The big selling point about nannyClassifieds.com is that it’s free to use. That said, if they tried to charge for the service provided it’d be pretty criminal. The cost to you in using this site isn’t in dollars but in your resilience. Sure, it’s quick to upload an advert, but then you have to sit about waiting for a response, bored by infrequently-updated blog posts and bizarre tweets. You might think it’s “worth a punt” in placing an advert though; it only takes a couple of minutes and even if you don’t hear anything back then it’s no major loss.

Maybe this site was a good idea but it’s poorly executed because it’s stripped so far back to its absolute bare bones. There’s no way of knowing what the person who responds to your advert is like so you have to discover that for yourself. 

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