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Finding the right sitter is incredibly important. You want a sitter who will get on with the person they are caring for, and potentially someone who will offer extra skills at the right price.

Babysistters.com offers a range of services to suit your needs. Not only does it offer short term baby sitters, you can also hire long term nannies, au pairs, a helper, a pet sitter, senior carers, housekeepers and tutors. You choose the amount you are willing to pay an individual and then the site allows you to place an advert so that candidates can apply for the job, or you can search for individuals who fit your criteria. Searching is pretty simple, if a little limited at times. You search by location (state or city) and are then able to filter the results by a number or relevant criteria. These include their distance from you, whether or not they have transportation, non-smokers, individuals who have received background checks, sitters with photos and sitters with reviews. These options are well considered because they are mostly relevant to your needs. Whether or not they have a photo seems a little arbitrary but it’s a pleasant bonus nevertheless, especially since you’ll want to meet a few in person so it’s good to know what each applicant looks like. We would like to have seen a more personalised search feature, though, which allows you to select several options at once and perhaps search for keywords.

Profiles contain a check list of relevant information at the top of the page, including how much they request as payment, how much experience they have, whether they have first aid training, any relevant experience with challenging behaviour, whether or not they will cook and clean, and more. So it’s a quick and easy way of seeing exactly what a sitter can offer. Each sitter has also written a personal statement and you can read reviews from people who have used the sitter previously, which gives you some peace of mind that they are reliable. Results also show, at a glance, those members who have received background checks, which is great if you’re only interested in sitters who have the checks in place.

Overall BabySitter.com is a decent site for finding an appropriate sitter. Its search functions are lacking somewhat, but it offers a range of services in an appropriate format. There’s little or no customer support to speak of though (all questions have to be submitted in a personalised message, there is no FAQ). Prices are fair but not exactly cheap and free members don’t have much freedom to contact or correspond with sitters.

A basic babysitting site, but it does the job. Certainly one worth checking out.

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