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Nanny.net is a site which aims to put families in touch with nannies from around the US and further afield. Nannies can build a profile for free, which includes basic information (age, nationality, driving skills, education and more) and photos. Families can search nanny profiles for free but are required to join as a member. They might take up the opportunity to try a free 7 day trial, which allows them unlimited access to the Nanny Search database. This database is comprised of the members from three key nanny websites, namely: eNannySource, NannyPro.com and NannyClassifieds. This makes for a fairly impressive roster, though Nanny.net doesn’t actually allow you to perform such a search on its own site, you must be redirected in order to do so, which is somewhat irritating as it’s hard to tell which site you are meant to be using.

If you sign up for the gold plan then you are able to access information on how to contact nannies, which is assumedly what you’d want to do at some point. It might be worth using the free 7 day trial to find a nanny first, and then pay for membership if you decide you’d like to contact some of the nannies you’ve found. You must be careful to cancel your membership if you don’t want to use it though, as it renews automatically and you will be charged. It’s an all-too-common way of companies managing to have you bound to a short contract, which seems a little devious but is fine so long as you remember to terminate the contract before the renewal.

There is information on Nanny.net, with insightful articles for families and nannies to read about what they should expect during this important term of employment. Articles on various nanny-based issues are also available, including “how nannies can prevent car accidents” and “10 tips for organizing children’s clothing”. The “nanny humor” and “family humor”  also offer a few intriguing reads such as “99 pranks a nanny can safely play on the family” and “99 code words to use around the kids”.

Primarily Nanny.net acts as an information source for nannies and families, and a portal to sister sites which allow them to set up profiles and perform searches to put them in touch. The rates charged on these sites are reasonable and allow you access to large numbers of nannies and families. That said, nanny.net received lower star ratings in most areas because it simply links you to these sites rather than maintaining a user database of its own.

This is a useful site for people looking to hire a nanny or for anyone who wants to become a nanny. It’s not the most satisfying experience for searching for nannies or families though as you are often redirected to other sites, which can be confusing as it’s hard to tell where your membership will allow you to access, or even to remember which nanny was on which site. Certainly worth checking out though, particularly if you’re looking for hints and tips (or a couple of humorous pranks you can play on kids!)

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