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Sitters.com is a site powered by Sittercity.com a much larger babysitting website. Signing up for a paid membership with Sitters.com gains you access to both, and you can also use promotional codes which grant you up to 40% off the cost of your membership. In a sense this is pretty good value because you can access both sites for one cost, yet having to be continually referred to a sister website soon becomes a bit of an annoyance. But let’s assume you can forgive the redirections, what do you get when you use sitters.com?

In our basic search in a major US city we received results of just over 500 willing sitters. This isn’t bad but it’s nowhere near as many as some of the other babysitting websites provide. Their profiles offer some useful information on the services they provide, though primarily this site focuses on short term sitters, particularly if you are in need of one quickly. You can search for a sitter based on a number of important factors including their distance from your location, how they have been rated by people who have used their services in the past, the amount of experience they have and whether or not they have transportation and background checks. A fairly useful tool of the site is its wage calculator, which suggests how much you might want to pay a sitter per hour based on your location, how many children you have and the sitter’s experience. It’s not quite clear, however, what “sitter experience” means, as the options are “0-1”, “2-4” and “5+”. We assume this means how many years of experience the sitter has, but it could be their experience with particular age ranges of children. The suggested rate might be a little arbitrary too, given the “number of children” you have doesn’t necessarily correspond to their needs. You might have 3 well behaved children who will just be sleeping at night, compared with 1 child who has physical or emotional needs during the day time.

Customer services is a slightly complex feature to judge because the Sitters.com site offers no support, whereas the SitterCity.com site provides a variety of methods to help you out if you’re in need of some answers. You can call a hotline, email them or search through their FAQ. The latter is a pretty good service, the prior is abysmal.

Sitters.com feels a bit like a service which is intended to redirect you to another site. The site itself is okay, but overshadowed by its bigger sister. Either way the combination offers some positives but the system is flawed and becomes somewhat irritating. If you’re looking for a sitter at short notice then Sitters.com could be handy.

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