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Care 4 Hire Review

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Care4Hire.com is a site for a range of people who are looking for care. They offer baby and childcare services, housekeeping services, tutoring, pet care, care and companions for the elderly.

Performing a search for a carer is very simple, although perhaps a little too simple because there are very limited options on how to filter the results and you cannot specify particulars such as the languages a carer might speak or which tasks they are willing to perform in your home. In fact we even noticed a few under 18 members slipping through the system, which is not necessarily what you want to see on a professional carers site. The number of results we gained was average, although there is no way to skip past pages, you have to click “next page” each time, which is particularly annoying if you need to perform a search more than once. Profiles are fairly basic but give you the basic information you need such as the hours a person is available to work and how much they expect to be paid per hour.

Care4hire.com also offers a company service (as is used by, it tells us, The Dr Phil Show) if you are looking to hire carers for a business place or institution. If you’re looking to become a carer you can apply online. Carers aren’t screened on the site, which does mean that you potentially have more choice but equally you can’t be completely sure of a person’s background and will need to enquire about that for yourself. Its services are more varied than some other sites, but none are particularly unique. They include childcare, housekeeping, tutoring, care for the elderly and pet care. Rates are dependent on the individuals rather than a standard set fee so it can be worth hunting around the site to find someone who suits your needs and budget. Your paid membership is therefore simply to allow you access to the contact details of the caregivers on its books, and whilst $99.99 per year isn’t too astronomical it’s certainly not cheap if you don’t need to use the service very often. If you do take out a paid membership then you receive a subscription to “Parenting Early Years”, which is a nice bonus if you have young children, but less of an incentive if yours are a bit older or you’re not looking specifically for babysitting.

Care4Hire.com isn’t a bad babysitting / carers website. It’s just not that impressive, particularly compared to other sites that are available. It offers a reasonable service at a reasonable price but nothing about it stands out as extraordinary and worth dollars that might be spend better elsewhere. That said, if you find carers who you think would work out for you then the fees will likely be an afterthought. 

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