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eNanny Source Review

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eNannysource.com is a user friendly site which makes finding a nanny or a nanny job very easy. In particular the layout of its profiles really helps because it shows you, at a glance, the availability and experience of each nanny. On other sites much of this is done through simply reading a list of their previous jobs and job roles, but this site uses simple visual icons (ticks and crosses) to show which skills and experiences each nanny has. Members are able to search through profiles, opting to show results based on their distance from your location, the hours they need to work, when they can start in a new position and whether or not they want to live with the family. This all makes for a simple but effective system for finding a nanny. We would like to have seen a couple of extra options in the searches, though, including languages spoken and education as many families will want to hire a nanny for their language skills or to help out with schooling.

This site claims to have connected “over 450,000 nannies and families since 2001”, which is very impressive and suggests that the system works. You can also read testimonials from happy clients who have found the nanny or job of their dreams. eNannySource also has a lot of relevant information for nannies and families, including a safe nanny hiring kit. This kit provides a step-by-step system for finding, interviewing and hiring nannies, including downloadable contracts which will set out precisely what is expected from each party. This certainly saves on expensive contract lawyers!

There are a few areas for improvement on this site. Although it has good membership numbers (over 8000 current profiles, apparently) search results can be mixed. Major cities in the US seem to have no problem but smaller locations can be more limited. However, this is often not a major concern if you particularly want to hire a nanny who is willing to relocate. Another thing we’d like to see is more of a range of jobs, or at least more details as to what individual families want. In particular, specialist nannies and nanny jobs (such as jobs for working with children with behavioural or physical difficulties, and tutor-based positions). If this information was laid out on profiles (in the visual way that other information is currently provided) then we’d be very happy.

The cost of this service is fair, but not outstanding. The free 7 day trial is a good chance to browse all of the profiles and jobs on offer without having to pay a cent. However, be careful to make sure you cancel this prior to it being automatically renewed or you may be charged a package fee. Should you find a few nannies whom you think you’d like to interview, then you’ll need to pay a fee (see the ‘costs’ section of this review), which allows you to see their contact information and perform a background check.

All in all eNannySource.com offers a comprehensive service at a fair price. There are a couple of small areas worth improving but on the whole it’s easy enough to use that you won’t lose a lot of time browsing through irrelevant features or being redirected to other sites. Its current success rate speaks volumes. This is a great site to advertise yourself on if you’re a nanny looking for work, whilst offering families a lot of options for hiring their ideal nanny. 

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