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Seeking Sitters Review

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SeekingSitters is a site that makes hiring a sitter easier. Or, at least, automated but expensive. The site has a particular focus on the professionalism of its staff, which is admirable and can be reassuring, yet the payments you’ll have to make might leave a slightly bitter taste in your mouth.

Our key issue is with the payment system. Firstly, you are charged a $59.99 one-off payment to become a part of the system. Essentially this payment allows you to pay for your subsequent services online using a credit card, cutting out the need to run to the ATM in the middle of the night, or find that you’re short changed for a tip. This is fine, and quite a useful service in reality as it guarantees everyone pays the fair and right amount, and that the sitters are receiving their cut. However, the $59.99 charge seems unnecessary and far too high, particularly if you’re not someone who is going to be using the services offered on a regular basis. If you want to hire a sitter there are charges to request one, plus the actual payment for the sitter’s service (which isn’t cheap when you are required to have them for at least 4 hours at a time). It soon adds up!

Gripe over. So you’ve paid your fees and want to hire a sitter for the evening. The online system is efficient and appears to work well enough. Staff follow a set of guidelines known as S.T.Y.L.E guidelines when they’re at your house. S.T.Y.L.E is an acronym for how staff are expected to behave: S stands for Safety. All staff are trained in CPR and first aid. T relates to Time, staff are encouraged to minimise TV-watching and to take along games and activities for the children to engage with. Y highlights an aversion to Yacking, sitters are expected to only use their cell phones in emergencies. L stands for Looks because the Seekingsitters team are all dressed in a pink t-shirt and should behave professionally. Lastly, E stands for Exit; your home will always be left how you left it, or cleaner. It’s a reassuring set of guidelines, if a little robotic or impersonal. But if professionalism is what you want then here it is.

SeekingSitters seems like a professional company but they also seem to milk you for every dollar they can at every step along the way. If you’ve plenty of money and don’t mind paying that much extra for a highly polished service then this could be the site for you, otherwise there are plenty of other places for help with your sitting needs.

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